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DONATE DIRECTLY Below, you can make a donation directly to this year's Fund a Need (The World is My Oyster) and continue to help us provide global learning equitably for our diverse student community. We believe all Oyster-Adams students should be global citizens and are proud of the many learning opportunities we provide outside of our classrooms, locally and internationally, thanks to your support.
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The World is My Oyster
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This year's fund a need appeals for donations to make sure that all Oyster and Adams students get to explore the world around them, no matter their parents’ resources. It’s important that all our students are able to experience the world beyond their classrooms.  

Practicing your language skills outside the classroom provides you the key to understanding another culture, learn new ways of life, appreciate history.

Your child may learn about all kinds of different cultures at school and through a textbook, but it's nothing compared to actually going to a new city, State or another country and experiencing it in person. There are so many things to do around the world that can help them appreciate different cultures and unique traditions.

Oyster Adams Bilingual School is a flagship for bilingual education in the country.  We are striving to become the highest achieving bilingual school in the country. We believe that ALL students regardless of race, class, gender or circumstance can achieve bilingually at high levels.  We hold high expectations for our students, our colleagues and ourselves. ​

Our Mission
Oyster-Adams Bilingual School is an inclusive community of learners dedicated to academic excellence and creativity that develops globally responsible leaders who are bilingual and bi-literate in Spanish and English.

OA Theater Program
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After 7 years of musicals, the OA Theater Program is coming of age! We are starting a dedicated fund to ensure that our Spring Musical can continue each year.
When you donate to the Oyster-Adams Theater Program, your gift will be matched by an anonymous donor up to $500.

Your generous donation will help fund:
·A professional director
·Amazing hand-crafted and professionally designed sets
·Musicians who help accompany and train your young performers
·Vibrant Costumes

AND we are hoping to purchase a new sound system for future productions, but we need your help!

So please make a generous contribution and see the Theater Program continue to grow and thrive as a part of this wonderful, creative and vibrant community.

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